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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Open - An autobiography by Andre Agassi

Autobiographies can be very tricky. Authors tend to balance " Candor" and " Political correctness" and in the end create a mashup that looks confusing.

Andre Agassi's autobiography is very different from any other book that I have read. Its the outpouring of a tormented soul who hated tennis with all his heart yet became a darling of the masses. The more he hated the sport and rebeled against it, the more fans he acquired. In this riveting book he tells it all and doesn't spare anyone, including himself. The characters that stand out in the book are his dominating father, demanding coach Nick, trainer Gil and his glamorous ex-wife - Brooke Shields.

He displays scant respect for his opponents and lays bare his feelings for them all. Sorry, if you are looking for a " politically correct" book , this isn't one. The charm of this book is that he makes his enormous tennis talent look so simple. With the exception of Sampras & Federer, there ain't a champion like Agassi in the last 20 years of Tennis.

Andre, give that soul some rest and heal the wounds. Don't hate the game so much. We all love you either way.

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