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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To Sydney or not to Sydney - That is the Question

Having happily ensconced myself in Singapore, it was tough to move away. When the Sydney (Australia) offer came my away, I was in two minds about taking it. A first glance pros and cons analysis (with no deep research) threw the following results :

Singapore (Pros) :

a) Safety ( Very few countries can match Singapore in that)

b) Low tax regime

c) Proximity to India

d) You can be what you are( Tough to explain it but you don't have to give up anything culturally to live in that country)

e) Great education system

f) Lower cost of living (Now that I own a house with low mortgage)

g) Rich Indian cultural experience ( Movie theaters, TV/FM Stations, Little India etc)

h) Great choice of affordable restaurants

Sydney (Australia) - Pros

a) Fantastic Outdoors

b) Climate

c) Great work-life balance

d) Unique Flora/Fauna - The traveler in me will love it

e) Early adopters of Technology - Important for my job as a technology analyst

f) Sport loving nation - Finally I can reconnect with Cricket

g) Beautiful city with a lovely harbour

h) Laid-back life and chance to enjoy the finer things in life

Still a tough choice but the traveler in me and some better tax packaging tilted the odds in favor of down under. More on this later.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Relocating to Sydney (Australia)

Yet another long hiatus. After spending 6.5 years in Singapore, it is time to move. My employer has relocated me to Sydney and it is the beginning of a new life there. I look forward to the magnificent beaches, open spaces and unique flora/fauna of Australia. The traveler in me will love it.

Aussieland, here I come.