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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

12:51 pm @ Cafe, Wellington (NZ)

The time was 12:51pm. On hindsight, I presume it was 12:51 pm since I didn't realize it then. I was busy chatting with a customer about the state of internet infrastructure in New Zealand. Suddenly, someone from the next table nudged me " It is 12:51 pm". The entire cafe, in a spontaneous gesture, stood up silently for 2 minutes. At the end of 2 minutes, many were silently crying. Strangers were hugging and comforting each other. It had been exactly a week since the devastating earthquake struck the beautiful city of Christchurch. Wellington, a city far away in North Island, wept for Christchurch.

At that moment, I felt the pain. I was a stranger on his first visit to NZ, someone who had never been to Christchurch. But somewhere deep down the heart, I felt that pain. The pain that you experience due to helplessness, sympathy and an universal love of humanity that crosses all barriers. The pain that causes us to forget our differences and huddle together as fellow human beings.

I salute the Kiwi spirit ! I am sure they will rebuild Christchurch to be twice as beautiful as it was before. The best way we can pay homage to that city is to go and see it in all its glory. My greatest teacher in life has been/will continue to be my "Travel".



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