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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Midsummer night's dream

It has finally rained during midsummer in Chennai. A decisive spell of rain which has washed the state of nepotism and corruption that had haunted it for the past five years. Though the defeat of MK & his ilk was widely expected, the huge margin was a big surprise even for his worst detractors. The people have truly taught a lesson for the brazen attitude with which corruption and nepotism was openly practiced. Given his age, it could well be the end of political life for one of TN's shrewd and wily politicians.

How can someone as experienced and clever as MK, ignored the writing on the wall? You can accuse him of many things but lack of political acumen isn't one of them. How did this happen? The simple answer is "Blood is thicker than water". In this case it has been even more complicated by the presence of multiple families and spouses. DMK's biggest enemy lay within the party as Stalin, Alagiri, Maran and Kanimozhi camps often fought with each other for money and power. MK became an emperor who lost touch with his cadres (Controlled by Alagiri in South and Stalin elsewhere) and allowed his favoritism to get better of his rational thinking. For a man who espoused rationalism and self-respect, his last few years in power were a cruel joke on those lofty ideals.

A man who courted and encouraged caste division, in the end, fell victim to divisive politics of his own family. It is a tragic end to a long and checkered career. I am sure there are many who are shedding tears at the ignominy but this charade had to end this way. Poetic justice has finally been delivered.



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