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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paul Newman - RIP

Paul Newman was a radical in every sense of the word. Blessed with amazing good looks and those riveting "blue eyes", he was one of the most handsome Hollywood actors. With such urbanity and suaveness, he could have easily become a choclate boy hero. But he chose not to, and played with ease characters of con men and rebel.

"The Sting" still remains one of my favorite movies while Newman immortalized the role of " Butch Cassidy" in " Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid" ( from which Thiruda Thiruda was remade).

Newman's greatest contribution to humanity was not through arts but through his Philanthropic foundation. He donated more than $200 million from his business venture " Newman's Own" for terminally ill Children. Here is my earlier blog post on it.

He was also a great race driver and its an irony that I learnt about his death from the F1 commentator at the Singapore GP ( F1) yesterday.

I was so fascinated by this intellectual, down-to-earth actor that one of my earliest quizzes was on him. Paul, I will miss you.

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